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How I Increased An eCom Brand’s Annual Revenue +30% With Just 7 Emails

This is our comprehensive guide to the unique plug-and-play email formula that builds valuable customer relationships, increases profits,  and boosts customer LTV.

PLEASE NOTE: The strategy I’m about to walk you through is not suitable for all eCommerce business owners.

It is designed specifically  for established eCom store owners, who want to use their email lists to supercharge their annual revenue...

  • Maybe you have your front end acquisition systems locked down, but know the back end of your business has room for improvement.

  • Maybe you have an email flow in place, but it’s ineffective and is in desperate need of an overhaul.

  • Or, maybe you run flash sales during seasonal events (Black Friday/Cyber Monday), but your email list isn’t adding 20 - 30%+ in monthly revenue year round.

Regardless of your situation… 

If you run a DTC or eCom brand and you are desperate to tap into the revenue-generating power of your email list, then this is the strategy for you.

Example client result:

Using my formula, I added 30% to this business's monthly revenue.

And through continuing to work with me, they maintained that gain for the next 20 months.

This result didn’t happen by accident. It was done through the strategic initiatives and road-tested framework that I’m going to share with you today. 

If you want me to work directly with your business to achieve similar results, click the button below and book your call. Let’s discuss how we can unleash the power of my proven 5-Day Flash Sale Formula for your brand.

Read on to find out exactly how I do it.

Email lists are incredibly powerful tools.

They give you direct contact with tens of thousands of potential customers.

And no matter the size of your email list is, I can guarantee that every single person on it shares one thing in common:

They all love exclusive, special offers.

Businesses are almost hyper-aware of this fact - and so they attempt to leverage their email list by throwing them an exclusive product here, or special priced bundle offer there.

But these businesses (yours included) never quite get that flying-off-the-shelves result they expect.

If everyone loves exclusive offers, and we’re offering one to a list of previous and prospective customers - why isn’t everyone jumping on it?

Businesses Are Doing Flash Sales Completely Wrong - Here’s Why

See, many businesses take the word flash a little too literally.

They send out one, maybe two emails, to let everyone know that an offer has gone live…and that’s it.

The sale is over in a flash, and so is the promotion of it.

This is because these businesses are stuck in an endless loop of poorly executed flash sales - or as I like to call it, the Cycle of Flash Sale Frustration.

It looks something like this:

→ Business views flash sales as a low-effort attempt to boost sales

→ They put the absolute bare minimum amount of thought into the promotion of their sale

→ They get out what they put in - thus getting lackluster results

→ This reinforces their view of flash sales

→ Rinse and repeat.

Now I hate to call you out, but I would guess you’re stuck in this cycle too.

But don’t despair - because today, I’m going to show you how to get unstuck.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the revenue-raising power that flash sales hold…when they’re done correctly.

Because when they’re well-executed, flash sales can:

  • Boost LTV and turn one-time purchasers into loyal, repeat customers...

  • Give you the opportunity to increase AOV through cross-sells and upsells, and...

  • Transform your lifeless email list into a sales-generating powerhouse. 

And I want you to be able to leverage this power to its full capacity.

This is why I created the 5-Day Flash Sale Formula - so eCommerce businesses like yours can increase back end profits by 30% or more, with ease.

And I’m going to take you through this formula step-by-step.

But before we get into that, who am I? And why should you listen to me?

Hey, I’m Jamie Lynch…

I’m a full-time eCom email marketing consultant, part-time comedian - depending on who you ask. 

But that’s not all. I’m also the creator of the 5-Day Flash Sale Formula. 

My goal is simple: to help eCom businesses like yours increase revenue and grow their brand.

Whether you need to breathe new life into an unresponsive email list, launch a new product, or generate more leads, I'm here to help you make it happen. 

Which is exactly why I’m taking the time to walk you through my 5-Day Flash Sale Formula.

So without further ado, let’s jump in.

Create more valuable and memorable email campaigns that build trust and loyalty with your subscribers.

My 5-Day Flash Sale Formula is a proven, strategic method of boosting the selling power of your email campaigns.

Using this formula leads to more opens, clicks, and ultimately, more sales for your business. 

Click the link below so we can talk about leveraging your email subscriber list.

The 5-Day Flash Sale Formula:
5 Days + 7 Emails = Infinite Revenue-Generating Possibilities

The 5 day flash sale formula is exactly what it sounds like - a 5-day email sequence promoting your flash sale. 

It’s simple, but effective - remember, this is the exact formula I used to add 30% to my client’s monthly revenue, and keep it there for 20 consecutive months.

In total, you will send out 7 emails over these 5 days. 

The email/s for each day have a clear aim and desired outcome. I’ll take you through day by day, and give you a checklist of elements to include in that day's email/s to achieve said outcome.

"This is going to change the game for eComm brands. They'll get a repeatable system to build a tribe of fans, and then regularly convert those fans into cash month after month. Brands who use your 5-Day Flash Sale Formula will no doubt make more money in a week than most do in a month!"

Brett Freeman

eCommerce Marketing Consultant

Step 1 - Day 1: The Warm Up

WHEN: The day before the sale goes live

HOW MANY: 1 email

AIM OF EMAIL: To create desire for your impending sale

WHAT THIS ACHIEVES: A pre-sell email builds anticipation for the sale you’re about to run.

It teases the sale and creates desire for it, planting the seed in your subscribers’ minds that you have something special landing soon.

This increases buyer awareness, and gets them poised and ready to purchase as soon as your sale launches. 

The result? When your sale does drop, they’re expecting it; they’re ready to buy, and they’ll whip out their credit cards right away.

Put simply, the warm-up email prepares your list to make a purchase.

Most eCom brands completely skip this step when they run a flash sale - and that’s a massive mistake on their part. This email is the foundation of a successful promotion.

Keep your pre-sell email short and to the point. Tease what’s coming, and inject benefits that the reader will get from the impending sale.

But don’t give away the farm - leave something to the imagination so the reader can’t wait to receive your next email.


  • Give your subscribers a sneak-peek of what’s to come to pique their curiosity; tease the contents of the sale, without giving too much away.

  • Sprinkle in some benefits that the reader will experience from the incoming sale event.

  • Include a simple call-to-action to prime them for the sale, e.g. “Keep an eye out for our email tomorrow at 1pm - that’s when your exclusive deal details will drop in your inbox”.

*Bonus Tip - Segment Your Email List:

Another important, yet often overlooked aspect is that your presell email is a great opportunity for you to segment your list based on subscriber engagement. 

Those who open this email are likely to be more interested in your flash sale, and you can tailor future emails to these highly-engaged subscribers.

When you segment your lists correctly, it: 

  • Increases email deliverability, 
  • Helps avoid opt-outs and 
  • Avoids you being tagged as a spammer.

Step 2 - Day 2: Send Offer Live, Push Benefits

WHEN: The day you make your sale live

HOW MANY: 2 emails

AIM OF EMAILS: To inform your list that the offer is now live, and to preach the benefits your customers will experience

WHAT THIS ACHIEVES: In your first email of the day, you’ll want to notify subscribers that your flash sale is now live, and prompt them to make a purchase. 

Use phrases like "Limited Time Offer!", "Don't Miss Out!", or “Limited Stock!” to create urgency in the mind of the reader and encourage them to take action.

Hint: Using urgency will increase sales. And you have a legitimate reason to include urgency - your sale is only live for a few days. Harness that. Be explicit about the deadline.

The second email will revolve around benefits - what are the outcomes that your readers will enjoy when they buy your product? 

You want to highlight exactly how your product will improve the lives of those who purchase it.

This will help paint a clear picture in your subscriber’s head of how their life could look; the only thing they need to do to achieve that life is make that purchase.


  • Make sure your email subject lines piques interest, and inspires subscribers to click. You need to instill urgency and excitement, without being clickbaity. E.g. “[Offer Name] is now LIVE for the next [x amount] days!”

  • Remind your subscribers they have a limited window of opportunity to purchase. This encourages them to take action quickly.

  • Push the benefits your readers will experience. Highlight the outcomes they will enjoy from your product.

*Bonus Tip - Key Benefits to Highlight:

When promoting a product on sale, it's important to highlight the key benefits that will motivate your subscribers to make a purchase.

Depending on the products you offer, those benefits can vary wildly. You could highlight elements such as:

  • Quality - if your product is well-made and designed to last, emphasize how it will provide long-lasting value for your customers, or
  • Convenience - e.g. saving time or making tasks easier. Be sure to push the benefits of how it will simplify your customers' lives.

In order to determine what specific benefits to really hammer home, you need a clear understanding of your customers wants and needs; what outcomes are they looking for? What are the solutions they desperately seek?

Be strategic, and ensure your chosen benefits will speak to the deepest desires of your customers.

Step 3 - Day 3: Testimonials and Case Studies

WHEN: While your sale is live

HOW MANY: 1 email

AIM OF EMAIL: To offer social proof

WHAT THIS ACHIEVES: Testimonials and case studies are valuable marketing tools that provide social proof and give credibility to your brand.

It allows real people to do the selling for you - your subscribers don’t have to just take your word for it, because there’s a bunch of people just like them also preaching the benefits of your product or brand.

By sharing the experiences and successes of real people, your audience can relate and emotionally connect with your product.

Testimonials and case studies are powerful persuasion tools - they show how your product can solve a problem or meet a need, leading to more purchases. 

Additionally, if your product is similar to your competitors, highlighting unique benefits and positive experiences of your customers can differentiate your product from others in the market.


  • Gather testimonials and case studies from your satisfied customers, and share them on your Day 3 email to build credibility and trust with your audience.

  • Highlight real-life examples of how your product solved a problem or met a need. This will communicate what your product can do for potential customers, thus compelling them to take action and make a purchase.

  • Be selective and include examples that differentiate your product from competitors by showcasing the unique benefits and positive experiences of your customers.

*Bonus Tip - Include Social Proof That Resonates:

Over the years, I’ve worked with many businesses that had great products, but they were hesitant to shout out about them

This hesitation meant they were missing golden opportunities to create emotional connections between their customers and their brand or products.

Where possible, include testimonials and case studies that showcase the impact of your product or service on causes that align with the values of your audience.

For example, if your product is eco-friendly or supports a social cause, sharing testimonials and case studies that highlight the positive impact on the environment or society could be a unique and compelling way to connect with your audience and differentiate your brand.

Consumers are increasingly looking for products and businesses that align with their values - take the opportunity to connect with your audience, and demonstrate that you share those same values.

Testimonials and case studies are valuable marketing tools that provide social proof and give credibility to your brand.

Incorporating them into your marketing strategy can enhance trust, increase differentiation, create emotional connections, and ultimately drive sales.

However, there is a certain manner in which you need to go about highlighting these key benefits effectively, and communicating the value of your product. Get this wrong, and your campaign will flop.

I want to show the right way to motivate your subscribers to take action.

Using this formula leads to more opens, clicks, and ultimately, more sales for your business. 

Click the link below so we can talk about leveraging your email subscriber list.

Step 4 - Day 4: Objection Handling

WHEN: While sale is live

HOW MANY: 1 email

AIM OF EMAIL: Overcome objections and mental blocks of customers that are on the fence

WHAT THIS ACHIEVES: Objection handling emails are a powerful way to anticipate potential concerns and boost confidence in your product and brand.

By addressing potential customer objections in your emails, you can overcome the obstacles that are preventing your list from making a purchase.

And when this obstacle is removed, more sales occur.

By sneaking in some product benefits while addressing concerns, you can help ensure that your customers are happy with their purchase, less likely to return the product, and more likely to become repeat customers.

Also use this email as an opportunity to start bringing back that sense of urgency. Day 4 is the second-to-last day of your flash sale - remind your list of this fact.


  • Be proactive. Identify potential objections that your customers may have, and address them. Detailed and informative responses help alleviate any concerns.

  • Use language that shows you care about your customers' needs and are committed to providing a positive experience.

  • Emphasize the benefits of your product while addressing objections. And weave in a sense of urgency - the sale ends tomorrow after all.

*Bonus Tip - Tap Into Market Feedback Gold:

With the right mindset, objection handling is where the real gold is hiding. 

It’s where you gain insights into how your product is being perceived, and also what may be preventing people from making a purchase.

Understanding these blocks will help improve your chances of making a sale in a couple of different ways:

Firstly, this feedback can help you refine your initial product messaging. 

By knowing what issues potential customers may have, you can tailor your messaging to address these issues from the outset. This can lead to more targeted and persuasive marketing that resonates with your audience.

Secondly, it helps you identify any gaps in your product itself. 

For example, if you receive multiple objections about a missing feature, you can explore ways to add that feature to your product offering. 

Seeking out feedback and taking it on board allows you to stay competitive in your market, and provide an improved overall customer experience.

Step 5 - Day 5: Urgency and Close

WHEN: This is the final day of sale event

HOW MANY: 2 emails

AIM OF EMAILS: To give list a reason to act now before the event ends

WHAT THIS ACHIEVES: The Urgency and Close emails are a crucial part of your flash sale email sequence. They serve as a reminder to your email list that the sale is ending soon, so they must act quickly.

They create a sense of scarcity and fear of missing out that can increase conversions, and also presents the opportunity to follow up on previous emails and further engage with your customers.

The overall outcome is to move your subscribers to action, and get them in the mindset they need to buy now, before they lose out on this opportunity.


  • Start with a strong subject line. Use urgency and scarcity to create a sense of importance and encourage your subscribers to open the email.

  • Remind subscribers of the deadline. Make sure to clearly communicate the deadline of the flash sale in the email, emphasizing that time is running out to take advantage of the offer.

  • Offer a sense of urgency. Use language and visuals that create a sense of urgency, such as limited quantities or time-sensitive offers.

  • Provide a clear call to action. Use a strong and specific call to action that encourages subscribers to take action and make a purchase before the sale ends.

*Bonus Tip - Reinforce Reader Outcomes:

When planning your final email in the flash sale sequence, it's important to remember that it doesn't have to be solely focused on scarcity and making the sale. 

While these elements are essential for driving sales, the final email in your flash sale sequence presents an opportunity to do more. 

This is an excellent chance to reiterate the benefits your customers experience thanks to your product. You could do this in the form of a list of bullet points.

Keep the bullet points short and sweet, but make sure they pack a punch. Choose the most compelling benefits from your Day 2: Push Benefits email, and lay them out plain and simple

By highlighting the benefits your customers will experience, you can further solidify their decision to choose your product. You should speak directly to them, and make it crystal clear what sets you apart from the competition.

Remember, customers are looking for solutions to their problems. Use this opportunity to show them how your product will help them achieve their goals and overcome their pain points.

This is your chance to show your readers what they stand to gain by making a purchase, rather than relying purely on what they will lose by not acting.

Maximize sales from your email list and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

If you want consistency in the growth of your business, you need to focus on nurturing loyal customers with high lifetime values.

Marketing to your existing customers is cheaper, faster, and higher-converting than trying to attract new ones.

My Flash Sale Formula mixes nurturing with selling, and builds a real bond with your audience through copy-based emails that communicate more benefits and value. Click the link below, and I’ll show you how.

SECTION RECAP: Most businesses fumble around in the dark with  flash sale emails - and their results are proof of that. 

When you follow my 5-step email sequence, you’ll ensure that every flash sale you run will get the engagement, the clicks, and the conversions that you’re so desperately searching for.

The Missing Ingredient in Marketing Email Sequences

The 5-day Flash Sale Formula is a universal, plug-and-play email-sequence framework that can be used for both copy and image-based emails.

However, there is one additional ingredient I add to this formula every time. It’s what I credit all of my clients’ terrific results to.

And that ingredient is connection.

Establishing a connection with your subscribers achieves multiple outcomes:

  • It builds good rapport... 

  • Gives you credibility and authority, and...

  • Builds trust.

But most importantly, creating this connection with your email list allows your relationship with them to be more two-sided. 

The last thing you want is for your customers to feel like you only contact them when you want their money. 

Because you know what happens then? They see your email, roll their eyes and think to themselves “what are they trying to sell me now?”, and it goes straight to the trash.

Which is the complete opposite of what you’re trying to achieve with a flash sale.

But when you weave in connection-building elements, your list will actually gain something from your emails.

They will be more inclined to open them, engage with them, and click through to purchase.


So in saying that, while my Flash Sale Formula can be used for image-based emails - I don’t recommend it.

Because in my experience, the best vehicle for establishing a connection with your email list is copy.

Let’s dive into this a little deeper, and compare how effective (or not) these two email types are when trying to build connections.

Copy-Based Emails vs Image-Based Marketing Emails

Don’t get me wrong - visuals are a fantastic medium for communication. 

They allow you to condense a mountain of information down into a single, quickly viewed and easily digested image. Hence, the above graphic.

And when you use images in your email campaigns, it can communicate a lot more than just product information.

You can set the tone and vibe for your entire brand, and make customers feel like they’re not just buying a product, but a lifestyle.

Brands also love to show-off their products - they’re proud of them, and so they should be.

These reasons alone are why businesses love to lean so heavily on images in their emails.

But when it comes to establishing a real connection with your email list, image-based emails just don’t cut the mustard.

Let’s look at an example of an image-based marketing email from my inbox.

I know what you’re thinking - what the heck is a bald guy doing subscribing to haircare emails?!

It’s called market research. At least, that’s what I tell myself…

Anyway, that’s not the point!

Visually, this email looks great - the design is simple, the colors aren’t overwhelming, and it gets the message across.

But it feels like exactly what it is - a promotion. 

SIDENOTE: Going back to the principles of the Flash Sale Formula for a sec. 

The money-grab vibes coming off of this email are only amplified by the fact that this flash sale was completely out of the blue. 

There was no warm-up, no building anticipation…I was just smacked in the face with a discount for seemingly no reason.

It feels like this company has one intention and one intention only - to move stock; to sell me something; to get my money.

Which, in fairness, is exactly what a company-consumer relationship boils down to.

But it shouldn’t feel like that. 

Customers want to feel like the company they’re opening their wallets for actually appreciates their trust, their time, and said opening of wallet.

Are emails like this conducive of that feeling? 

It’s a no from me.

Let’s look at another email in my inbox - one that’s copy-based:

NOTE: This email is actually one that I wrote for a client - it’s a great example of what you get when you sign up for the 5-Day Flash Sale service.

When I said copy-based, I meant it -  visually, there’s not much going on here.

But you know what is going on?


The single biggest reason why copy-based emails connect so effectively is because people prefer to buy from people.

Yes, we buy from faceless brands as well - but we have a deeper connection with brands that have a personal touch.

This connection builds trust and brand loyalty, which is a surefire way to increase your customer LTV, and create a positive ripple effect throughout your business. 

Ultimately, this email was written with the purpose of convincing people to buy this product. But it doesn’t feel like I’m being sold anything.

At first glance, this looks like it could be from a friend or a family member - not a brand, not a company. 

It feels personal. 

I leveraged copy to tell a story, establish a connection, and build a relationship with my client’s email list.

I have a bunch of tips for you about writing effective copy-based marketing emails - and this email in particular touches on a lot of those points.

And I want to share these tips with you so that when you implement the Flash Sale Formula, you’ve got the absolute best chances of making a success of it.

But instead of telling you, how about I show you - I’ll use this same email as an example.

Copy-Based Marketing Emails Done Right: A Case Study

Now, our example email is pretty short and concise - but it still manages to hit all of the elements of a great copy-based marketing email. (Not trying to brag or anything…)

I’ll talk you through each of my tips, and use that email as an example of my advice in action.

The first and most noticeable characteristic of this email is that it provides value before trying to sell anything.

TIP #1: Provide Value

The first and most noticeable characteristic of this email is that it provides value before trying to sell anything.

The reader is given information about how typical pre-workout formulas affect the body, and how this one is different.

When you include something of value in your emails, you show your list that you’re not just trying to sell, sell, sell - you genuinely want to help them.  

Depending on your industry or niche, that value you provide to your readers will look different. You could give:

  • Tips and advice...

  • Insights and new, interesting information, or...

  • News and updates.

Obviously, the key point here is that whatever value you provide must be related to your industry or product in some way or another.

But regardless of how you deliver it, making your reader feel like they’ve gained something from reading your email is essential.

They will actually want to open your emails.

This increases your visibility, boosts your chances of engagement, and gives you more opportunities to close a sale.

TIP #2: Tell a Story

The second thing this email does is engage the reader with a story.

This story is relatively short - just a small portion of the whole email.

The reader is painted a picture of what it’s like to use most pre-workout products. It’s relatable to the reader and it shows that the company understands their issues.

You’ll find a lot of copy-based emails completely revolve around a story, from subject line to sales pitch. 

Both of these approaches are fine - how you personally choose to tell a story will depend on:

  • The context - does the subject of the email lend itself to a longer story, or does it need to be brief?

  • The story itself - do you need to go more in-depth to get the message across, or can you keep it concise? And...

  • Your skill set - are you able to tell an engaging, vivid, novel of a tale; or do you excel at short, punchy pieces? 

Storytelling is a strong emotional tool.

Sharing stories with your list builds a connection by putting a personality to your brand - you’re not just a faceless, corporate entity trying to squeeze money out of them.

But speaking of money and making sales, storytelling is a fantastic vehicle for sharing testimonials and customer experiences with your products. 

Presenting social proof in the form of stories will really communicate just how much your products have changed your customer’s lives, reinforcing that emotional connection.

BONUS TIP: Storytelling is the perfect technique to implement in the Flash Sale Formula, Day 3: Testimonials and Case Studies. 

Doing this will allow you to make the maximum amount of impact with that day’s email.

TIP #3: Keep It Casual

A big factor in building relationships with your email list is tone.

In this email, I used simple words, casual language, and lingo that the target audience also uses.

This makes the email feel conversational, and personal - the reader feels like they’re being spoken to by a friend.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to build this type of connection through the use of an image-based email.

If you want to create connection with your list, you need to avoid coming across as cold:

  • Don’t use big words and formal language...

  • Don’t use industry jargon (unless it makes sense in the context, and you thoroughly explain it first), and...

  • Don't talk down to your reader - speak to them like an equal.

On the flipside, things you should do to keep your emails casual include:

  • Use simple, easy-to-understand language...

  • Write how you would talk in real life - imagine you’re sending this email to a friend, and...

  • Include personal touches - things like that little P.S anecdote, or using the reader’s name.

When you write your emails with a friendly and conversational tone, you encourage engagement from your readers, and allow them to feel connected to your brand on a more personal level.


There were a few extra elements in my example email that tie in nicely with points I’ve made in earlier sections.

I won’t dwell on them too much, but I want to show you how some key 5-Day Flash Sale Formula concepts translate to an email:

Clear call-to-action: the reader knows exactly what their next step is - there’s no ambiguity about what they should do to get their hands on this product.

List of customer benefits: the benefits that the customer will experience with this product are clearly laid out to them.

Intriguing subject line: the open-ended subject line piques interest of the recipient and makes them want to click to see what said problem is. 

Your business deserves copy-based emails that truly connect with your audience and drive conversions.

A lot goes into crafting the perfect copy - the copy ingredients I’ve touched on today barely scratch the surface.

From irresistible subject lines to persuasive calls to action, I'll show you my formula for creating engaging copy that converts.

Don't continue to miss golden revenue opportunities.

Let's work together to create messages that truly resonate with your customers, and actually add growth to your sales numbers.

Get a flood of sales, boost your customer LTV, and hit your next revenue goal with the 5-Day Flash Sale Formula

The combination of an engaged email list and a flash sale, is an absolute goldmine of revenue-generation potential.

And here's the deal: I believe that every business deserves the ability to fully leverage this potential.

The way to do this is through copy-based emails that strike the perfect balance between connection-building, and marketing.

And I think I’ve done a good job of showing you what ingredients make up that perfect mixture.

But it’s one thing to know what makes a good copy-based marketing email - unfortunately, putting that knowledge into action is a whole other kettle of fish. 

The doing part of copy-based emails takes time, expertise, and experience to get it right.

I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say that you, running a busy eCom brand, have enough on your plate as it is - why should you add becoming a professional email marketer to the pile?

This is why I’m giving you the opportunity to have me create a copy-based 5-Day Flash Sale email sequence completely for you.

I will dive into your business, learn about your customers and what makes them tick. 

I’ll then use my extensive email marketing experience to craft an email sequence that gives you your best performing flash sale to date.

And this sequence will all be built on the principles of building a relationship with your email list that goes beyond selling. 

Nothing hypey, nothing salesy - just the perfect blend of connection and marketing, all wrapped up in the framework of my 5-Day Flash Sale Formula.

Note: I’ll make you a high-performing flash sale email sequence - without the hype. Click here to learn more.

When you click the button and book a call, this is what happens:

You’ll book a time that suits you, and we’ll hop on a discovery call together. This initial call is for introductory purposes. 

I want to make sure I'm a good fit for you, and you for me - no need to worry about slimy, high-pressure sales tactics or anything like that.

We’ll chat about how I can grow your business with high ROI email campaigns, and also go over my AOV boosting funnel optimization strategies.

Then, I’m going to get into my "doctor diagnosing" mode, where I will…

  • Find out about your business

  • Identify your biggest business goals

  • Identify your biggest revenue growth opportunities

  • Show how I can help you reach your biggest business goals by actioning the best bang-for-your-buck opportunities

I absolutely love a good chinwag (that's British for a chat, in case you didn't know), and getting to know clients and their businesses on these calls.

And as I mentioned earlier, I keep the calls very low-key. It's like catching up with an old friend over a beer! 

But I’ll help you find at least one untapped revenue generator for your business, as well as a simple action-plan to secure those sales.

There’s Only Three Boxes You Need To Check…

To work with me, there’s a few criteria you must meet:

Your business has at least 3 hot selling products, and you are already generating between $1-5 million in revenue per year

You are actively growing your email list, and ideally have 20k+ existing email contacts

You already use Klaviyo (or a similar platform) for your email marketing automation platform

Note: If you do meet this criteria, then I have absolutely no doubt I can help you generate a lot more sales with your current email lists.

So if you’d like the opportunity to work together, you need to start the conversation with me sooner rather than later.

Now You Try It…

Not every person that reads this page is going to book a discovery call - I get that.

So if you’re going to try to implement my 5-Day Flash Sale Formula by yourself, I want to send you off with my biggest piece of advice…

Blend personality and relationship building elements into your email marketing.

Remember, people don't want to feel like they're being sold to every time you arrive at their inbox -  they want to feel like they're being helped and nurtured, too.

Here are a few key ways that you can put this into action right now:

  • Focus on the reader: Don't just focus on the sale. Your email copy should also be about the reader and their needs, desires, and pain points. Use language that speaks directly to them and make sure your messaging is crystal clear.

  • Use written copy: Images can be helpful, but they shouldn't be the main focus of your email. Instead, use written copy that highlights the benefits of your product or service, and shows how it can solve the reader's problem.

  • Overcome objections: You know your audience better than anyone, so you should be able to anticipate their objections before they even arise. Address these concerns head-on in your copy, and show how your product or service can help them overcome these obstacles.

  • Share testimonials: Social proof is incredibly powerful. Include testimonials from satisfied customers in your email copy to show that you've helped others just like them.

By incorporating these elements into your flash sale emails, you'll be able to create a more engaging, personal experience for your customers. 

Instead of just pushing products on them, you'll be showing them how you can help solve their problems and improve their lives.

But remember - you don’t have to do this on your own...

The fastest, easiest, and most effective way of maximizing your Flash Sale email automations is to work with me.

My proven system will create conversion-driven, emotionally-intelligent emails that recognize your customers needs as well as…

  • Boost LTV and turn one-time purchasers into loyal, repeat customers...

  • Give you the opportunity to increase AOV through cross-sells and upsells, and...

  • Transform your lifeless email list into a sales-generating powerhouse.

I want to help you leverage the power of email to its full capacity, and transform your business with my strategies.

— Jamie Lynch —
5-Day Flash Sale Formula Founder

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